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Corporate IT Training At Neuron IT Solutions we believe that training makes all the difference in IT industry. Change is a part of IT industry with existing technologies continuously changing with new features being added every time. Newer technologies emerge while the older technologies become obsolete. To be in sync with tomorrow we believe we need training today.

We provide state of the art In-House training/Online training to our clients and consultants in different technologies to meet present market needs. Our training and mentoring services help our consultants to build right skill level to support various IT and network related projects. We have certified professionals to provide training, support and guidance. Our training programs cover a wide range of technologies to take care of total IT and business solutions. Our training allows you to maintain productivity and also help you during on job production issues. Our training programs are designed by combining real world scenarios, lessons learned over years of hands on experience and research. Neuron IT Solutions is cutting edge technology-based, training company that evolves ahead of the needs of the international markets.

Highly interactive online courses presented through the Internet provide technical training in multiple technologies. Courses are easily accessible via the Internet making them available at home, work, or while traveling. Courses include an abundance of helpful interactive content like simulations, skill assessments, and a powerful search feature to create an engaging, effective learning environment. Flash simulations, video and audio to enhance the learning experience. Blended Learning Solutions SmartWorks provides client-oriented training choices in multiple formats and delivery methods, offering individuals top-quality training that can be tailored to meet individual learning styles and specific needs.

Online LIVE Learning Online LIVE Learning provides students with a live instructor-led experience, via the Internet, that meets specific learning objectives. Although separated by geography, instructors and students share an interactive experience, including active discussions, simultaneous document viewing and application sharing, and the ability to form breakout groups in virtual rooms for team meetings. The advantage of live instruction, without having to leave the office, makes online LIVE learning an ideal training solution.

Online ANYTIME Learning Online ANYTIME Learning is helping companies hone their competitive edge in this knowledge-based economy. Online ANYTIME learning enables information to be delivered in a customized, student-centric format, via the Internet, and features the same content as our world-renowned instructor-led training, from anywhere, anytime. Online ANYTIME Learning reduces training costs, provides easy access to educational materials and increases collaboration.

Mentored Learning through online Mentored Learning merges multiple learning styles to create an effective and efficient learning process that increases a student’s ability to retain information and apply newly acquired knowledge. This is accomplished through a learning environment which provides students with simultaneous access to information delivered via audio and video, a simulated production environment and a mentor to guide them through the process. Students control the content covered and the pace at which they learn so they can focus on the specific skills they need to succeed. Hands-on practice reinforces those skills and one-on-one support and guidance from a certified instructor increase comprehension and retention of course material. In addition, the training schedule is flexible so courses fit into the student’s busy work and personal life allowing for greater concentration during training. The result is a truly learner-centric training solution that meets the needs of a multitude of students with varying skill levels and learning preferences while providing the tools and resources necessary to ensure proper skill development and knowledge transfer.

Classroom learning As the foundation of our Integrated Learning methodology, the classroom experience has become a more enriching, dynamic and valuable learning method for students. Classroom learning students have their own networked environments, which enable instructors to manage hands-on lab demonstrations and exercises that mirror the professional environment. Additionally, Classroom Learning has been enhanced to include Web-based resources, such as tutorials and simulations, during and after class.

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